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"I earned 12% APY on a recent project with Sun Apple Properties,  secured with a first mortgage on the property. My bank was paying me .075% on my money.. It was a no brainer."

                 - Angelo A. from Naples, FL



Selling your home can sometimes be a long, emotional journey that doesn’t always end the way you want it to. That’s where Sun Apple Properties comes in – call us today for a free property evaluation, no matter what condition your home is in. Within 48 hours after your evaluation, we’ll make you an all cash offer on your home.


Eliminate the drama of selling your home and let Sun Apple Properties pay you the cash you need to move on.
Referrals and Commission
At Sun Apple Properties we know the heart of real estate. We pay generous referral and commission fees for those who bird dog, or those who find deals or properties and pass the information to us.
Sun Apple Properties will handle all the legal, banking, and mortgage paperwork. Partners always see a return on their investments and are guaranteed six months of interest.
With our industry knowledge, commercial connections and business partnerships, we’re able to source high-quality materials at wholesale costs, making our properties stand out from the crowd. And, our properties don’t sit long without an offer.
Call us or drop in on an existing project to see who we are and how you can grow your money with us at Sun Apple Properties.

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